Hall & Vande Sande, LLC



About Us

We offer a unique array of legal services in, and relating to, the field of intellectual property law. We represent clients of all sizes in all areas of intellectual property. Unlike most traditional intellectual property firms, our practice emphasizes those issues unique to trademark law and branding, the broader field of unfair competition, and, increasingly, copyright law. In addition, we work collaboratively with our patent attorney colleagues in offering patent related advice and solutions.

We also differ from most IP firms in that we understand the special needs and financial constraints faced by individuals and startups. We take pride in representing such entrepreneurs, many of whom have been refused representation by large intellectual property firms or who have come to realize that representation by such firms is financially irresponsible or destined to result in overkill. We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and micro-businesses to prioritize needs and expenses in an effort to provide entrepreneurs with every possibility of success.

Should you find yourself in need of advice regarding intellectual property matters, or have an idea you wish to develop, protect or monetize, contact us at 301-983-2500, via email at tv@hvsllc.com, or visit our firm website www.hvsllc.com.