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The Best Branding Practices for a Small Business

As a small business owner, think about branding as the creation of an identity for your business. Through branding, you can influence what people think of when they see your logo or products or simply hear your business mentioned. Branding activities are many and need to be well-thought-out. It’s more than just creating a logo.

2022 Senior Week Apartment Rentals

South Beach Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments ~ Low down payment / easy payment plans. Full Kitchen, washer/dryer, dishwasher, free parking, WiFi and just 1 block to the beach and boardwalk. Call our senior week specialists at 410-289-6282 or visit us online at!! We also have houses, motel/hotel rooms, and efficiency units located throughout Ocean City, so give us a call!!

Large 2&3 Bedroom Apartments

Calling all 2022 Graduates! 15% off! Stay Dates - Sunday, June 5-Thursday, June 9

We are offering 15% off all rentals with stay dates of June 5-June 9!

4 Nights for the Price of 3!

Stay with us in one of our oceanfront buildings for 4 nights but only pay for 3. Valid for check dates on or between September 25-Close. Call us at 1-800-552-7263 to take advantage of this great deal!